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Tree Removal & Stump Grinding

At Tree Master Inc., in Savannah, Georgia, we specialize in tree removal. We can safely remove any tree regardless of size, location, or condition. By utilizing our state-of-the-art equipment, expert climbing skills, and extensive experience, we make even the toughest jobs look easy. We have one of the best and longest bucket reach trucks in the industry. Utilizing a bucket-reach truck is one of the best ways to remove unwanted trees that are in hard-to-reach areas. Our bucket-reach truck is safer, faster, and more economical than traditional methods of tree removal. Best of all, it drastically reduces damage to your yard because heavy pieces of trees can be lifted and lowered gently instead dropped onto your landscape. Also, being able to reach trees so far away often alleviates the need to bring heavy trucks over your lawn and into your backyard. Using our custom bucket-reach truck, we can surgically remove trees that are growing in tight spaces such as next to houses or over patios without causing any damage. Staffed by fully trained professionals and serving you with state-of-the-art equipment, Tree Master Inc can handle any size removal job big or small, commercial or residential. Tree Master Inc provides reliable, safe, and comprehensive tree care services for residential and commercial properties in the greater Savannah area. Our team of skilled, professional specialists to the highest ethical standards for tree removal and other services to ensure your satisfaction with no disruption to your landscape or home. Here are the top five reasons to remove a tree:
  • Dying, diseased, structural failure
  • Damage to structures
  • Construction renovations
  • Storm damage
  • Liability issues and maintenance
Tree Master Inc., in Savannah, Georgia, provides high-quality stump grinding and removal services that are unmatched by any tree service in the area. Some of the key benefits of our stump grinding and removal are:
  • No hole to fill with new topsoil
  • No root to haul away
  • Re-landscape with ease


Why resort to stump grinding?
Like chipping, stump grinding makes use of nature’s products. The grindings from the tree stump are a natural mulch that is highly rich in nutrients.
  • We have a unique articulating grinder that gets into those hard-to-reach places as well as close to house foundations.
  • We completely grind away the tree stump so it doesn't grow back.
  • We chase the root systems as well
Why go through the process and expense of tree removal, only to leave unsightly stumps in their place?
We recommend grinding the stump to a depth of 6 to 12 inches depending on your requirements for the area. Grinding stumps below the surface of the topsoil allows for effective repair and replanting of the area. When done properly, stump grinding eliminates the disturbance of the surrounding lawn area. Proper removal also prevents any re-growth developing around the stump area, as the removal process prevents suckering (the small sprouts) of the living stump. We use a lightweight machine that is roughly the size of a riding lawnmower to grind the stump down to about 18 inches below the surface. The stump is chewed into wood chips with a self-propelled machine to the desired depth below the ground. The resulting chips are neatly raked into a mulch pile of earth and wood chips where the stump was. The mulch pile is left for the client's use or is leveled off to ground level and the excess removed. The mulch created by the grinding process can be recycled by using it in flower gardens to control weeds and maintain soil moisture. The stump grinder will fit through a 36-inch gate if the backyard is enclosed by a fence. Stump removal can greatly add to the curb value of your property or make a backyard safer for your little ones to run around in.
Tree Removal
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