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Lawn Care & Landscaping

TreeMaster Lawn Care, Inc. recommends upgrading your yard by calling GrassMaster Lawn Care, Inc. for specialty landscaping services. . We have the experience, staff, and knowledge to make a lawn look spectacular and keep it that way throughout the year.
Our team comes in clean, well-maintained vehicles; they will be neatly uniformed, well-equipped, knowledgeable, and ready to work. And if the rain prevents a regular scheduled service we immediately reschedule.
All our equipment is kept in top condition. If our field technicians have access to the irrigation control panel they will adjust and maintain optimal watering settings for each season and foliage requirement. If they do not have access to the control panel, they will leave detailed notes and instructions on the premises at the time of service.
There is so much more to know than just cutting grass! The Savannah-area weather can be cruel to a lawn. All kinds of bugs and diseases can take hold if a lawn is cut too high, and the sun scorches and dries out the earth of a lawn cut too low. The ideal height of a lawn varies by the type of grass, water usage, and soil. Weeds need to be taken care of weekly, underground pests must be prevented from spreading monthly, and a fertilization and strengthening application applied seasonally. Irrigation heads will clog, jam, or break; the main motors can become troublesome and need repair after a couple of years.
GrassMaster Lawn Care, Inc. does it well, and we do it at a competitive price!

Landscaping Contractors
GrassMaster Landscaping
We specialize in commercial and residential landscape design and installation, as well as specialty landscaping and plant education. We have more than 10 years of experience in the landscaping business, and really know our plants, landscape design, lighting, specialty landscaping, and sprinkler systems. Also, with our landscaping service, we design and install small, medium, or large projects with the ability to install waterscapes with tropical fish ponds and custom waterfalls. Also, we do hardscapes like stone walkways, patios, rock gardens, and retaining walls.
Whether it's topping up mulch beds, planting annuals, renovating existing foliage, or installing a complete new garden, we will accomplish the task timely, professionally, and affordably. When only the best will do...all plantings, shrubs, and trees are selected from the finest nurseries in Savannah and we guarantee all our planting in writing. Great landscapes at low prices. Our estimates are free of charge and are totally without obligation. We sincerely value the opportunity given to us. We deliver superior landscapes at low prices and are extremely proud of our work.

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